Embrace Hopelessness

(The following text was written and printed as a flier to be distributed at the School Strike for Climate event in Adelaide on March 15th 2019)

Embrace Hopelessness

Climate change and its devastating environmental impact is inevitable, we here all know this, and applaud your courage in taking a stand. With the suggestion of only having 12 years for our world society to do a complete 180 in its production methods, we see the current order as completely unable to deal with the scope of this issue. Academics in the environmental sector are beginning to recognise this. Jem Bendell, in the paper titled “Deep Adaption – A Map for Navigating Climate Tragedy”, writes of the need for a fundamentally different relationship of humanity to nature. We communists thoroughly agree, but  we also insist that the exploitative relationship our species has with nature is only a symptom of the exploitative social relations between humans.

Socialism or Extinction         

Hopelessness and grieving are fair responses to these understandings of inevitable climate and societal catastrophe, but only for a moment. We must not let this hopelessness drive us to utter despair within ourselves – rather, we should embrace this hopelessness and direct our despair at the system that has caused it – Capitalism. Then, we must seek an alternative.                                

As Communists, we have long upheld the phrase ‘Socialism or Barbarism’ – today we can amend it to say ‘Socialism or Extinction’. We see no alternative other than that of global Communist revolution. However we also reject the State-Capitalist regimes of Stalin’s Russia or Mao’s China – true Communism means abolishing not just private property, but with it wage-labour, the market, the Nation-State and organising production around the direct satisfaction of human needs. No longer slaves to profit and the market, we can produce the necessities of life in cooperation with the rest of nature.

The rewriting of human history is no superficial task, we would be fools to suggest otherwise. However the urgency to do so has reached literal life-or-death proportions. The working class must gain strength in the face of adversity, to abolish the system that has created this destruction, and, in turn, abolish class society itself. 

Internationalist Communists Oceania (ICO)

Friday, March 15, 2019

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